Qigong in the park

Abdomen Daoyin

Qigong in the Park will be running at 10-11.15am on the following Saturdays:
August 3rd, 17th and 31st
and Monday August 5th all at St. Ann’s Well Gardens (in the “scented garden” next to the Somerville Rd entrance), Hove, BN3 6BA.

Bring sun hat, sunscreen, water etc. if necessary.
Friends and relatives welcome.

Donations only. Optional tea in cafe afterwards.

Special event: Thursday 8th August – Practise in the Park

Dr. Shen Hongxun

Dr. Shen Hongxun, who founded the Buqi System, was born on 8th August and this summer would have been his 80th birthday. His daughter, Master Shen Jin, is arranging a day to get together and honour his life and work on that date in Belgium, where the Buqi Institute is based.

For anyone unable to attend, but who would like to meet that day in Brighton (well Hove actually) we have the following:

Meet in St. Ann’s Well Gardens (scented garden near the Somerhill Rd entrance) at 10am.
There will be an hour to exercise – simple exercises taken from Taiji37 and Taijiwuxigong (all welcome, no experience necessary).
Then tea and cake in the cafe.

Let's get Qi moving