Arianna D’Angiolino

Since childhood I felt attracted to metaphysical and spiritual topics, dedicating myself to bhakti yoga, meditation, and later to charitable initiatives in Italy and India. In 2012 I met Bernard Rouch, and subsequently completed a 3-year foundation course in Egyptian Essene Healing, as well as an advanced course. The study and practice of these gentle and effective healing methods was deeply transformative; it allowed me to find a common matrix among various spiritual and healing traditions, to discover my intuitive abilities, to connect to angels and spirit guides, and to safely explore subtler dimensions of reality. Being an Egyptian Essene practitioner gives me the opportunity to help people restore inner balance and serenity into their lives by releasing energy blockages, overcoming fears, and healing long-standing emotional wounds. Other tools I use are dowsing, distance healing, aura reading, Angel Reiki, and Bach flower remedies. 
Egyptian Essene Healing  (Brighton and Hove)

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