Opening the heart to nature and its hidden realms

With Arianna D’Angiolino and Matt Woods
Saturday 28th August 2021 10:00-13.00
Preston Park, Brighton
Cost: £30

The purpose of this experiential workshop is to raise awareness of the importance of establishing a deep connection with nature, and encouraging the discovery of the symbolic meaning of plants, flowers and trees which characterise our surroundings. You will learn to communicate with trees and receive the gift of their wisdom, enhance your extra-sensorial perception skills, and be introduced to some of nature’s spiritual realms and their reserved inhabitants, who work hard to help preserve the beauty and health of our planet.

We will prepare ourselves by awakening our energy body through connection to heaven and earth and activating our subtle sense perceptions through exercises to feel and see energy in ourselves and each other followed by sensing energy in the environment including the plants and especially trees around us.

We will explore several locations with trees in the park using a gradual and systematic approach to sense the energy of the place and the trees there and how to approach the nature spirits inherent in these places.

We will learn how we can positively interact with these trees and spirits for mutual wellbeing and healing. This will be an experiential and “right brain” workshop so extensive knowledge about trees or plants is not necessary but rather an openness of heart and mind to explore the aspects of nature that are usually hidden from normal perception.

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