Opening the heart to nature and its hidden realms – Programme

Learning outcomes:

  • Find new appreciation for the natural world 
  • Feel the energy of heaven and earth 
  • Detect energy in ourselves, others, plants and places 
  • Explore how people and trees can interact for mutual healing
  • Learn about the spirit realms of nature and how to comunicate with faeries


  • Hints and curiosities on the life of trees 
  • Physical and psychological benefits of connecting with trees
  • Activating the energy body through connecting to heaven and earth 
  • Experiencing an energy vortex
  • Seeing the prana and the aura of plants, and Third Eye empowerment with the sun
  • Guided exercises to connect with trees
  • Nature spirits and how to approach them
  • The blessing of water
  • Enjoying the distinctive personalities and wisdom of trees
  • Using our healing energy for trees

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